The complete guide is a website by Samuel that is dedicated to finding the perfect solution to our life problems, helping us make our life more easier manageable. The Internet age has made it easier to find solutions online and taking advantage of a website like the complete guide you have answers to your problems made available for free.

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My name is Samuel, and I am from Kenya. My blogging journey has been full of meat reactions if I may say, so there has been through ups and downs, testing different topics, and having different blogs started since 2018. As much as I would like to remember, I can testify having more than 9 blogs started and failed within two years. What made me start the ultimate guide, the essential guide as my last blog is what I have learned from the failures because as they say when you fall, you should not remain there mourning and lamenting, but you should get up learn from the failures and move on.

My name is Samuel; The Complete Guide is my baby.

In this blog, I’ll provide the ultimate guides that will help you make your life easier comfortable and live a life that you have always been missing.

If you are not ready to take the risk or if you are not ready to fail, then you’re not ready to be successful.

I am sure that the complete guide will be a successful blog not because I’m starting it as a newbie but because I am starting it as a newbie blogger with experience of what failure feels like.

I have tried different ways of making my blog successful followed other people’s advice, but there’s only one thing that I am sure about dedication willingness and having the right tools to make your dreams come true.

Let’s take an example with Google; it was started by college students who dropped out of school to go and made their dreams come true. Look at Facebook-started by a teenager smart-kid.


I might not be able to handle all your requests, but I promise to do everything that I can to ensure that I help you solve your problems, make your life easier, give you that sense that you are a winner, and where possible give you my ultimate personal assistance. 
Fill the box with all your worries and I’ll be happy to attend to them or contact me directly.