How to start a fashion blog

Being passionate and WANTING to start a FASHION BLOG is among the best things that many teenagers, young adults, and full-grown adults aspire to do.

Today I have comprised 8 SIMPLE steps that will fulfill your dreams!

Some of the topics that we’re going to discuss in this short blog post.

 Join and let us and do this together.

 You need to have a niche (specific topics) products or a line that you are going to work on.  

  • You also need to possess inspiration.
  • A blog name that will eventually become your brand name.
  • Platforms – I’m talking about two types of platforms, that is, the money-making platform (first) and hosting platform (second).
  • I am sure the OVERALL GOAL of creating a fashion blog is not to not only inspire fashion loves posting what’s trending in lifestyle and beauty. You must earn from it… or what else do you want?
  • You need to have at least five blog posts prepared before the launch of your blog. A social media presence, and in this matter, I recommend Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram.  
  • The last step is tracking your user engagement using Google analytics. 

Thank you so much for being here today and let us jump right into the first step.  

Must-have Products for a fashion blog

This is an essential step BECAUSE it will help you narrow down the products that you want to talk about or to write about.

 These are fashion-related products that you use and feel passionate recommending to people even if it takes standing in front of a camera and talking about this product over and over again.

 The products help you narrow down your niche since the best blogging experience is when you have a specific line of products.

 Ensure you do not feel uncomfortable talking about them even if it means standing in front of a camera and showing people how cool the product is and HOW IT WORKS.

Here are some of the coolest best-performing fashion blogs.

  • Gabi Gregg – OG Fat Girl. Instagram. …
  • Lisa Gachet – Make My Lemonade. Instagram. …
  • Wendy Nguyen – Wendyslookbook. Instagram. …
  • Kat Farmer – Does My Bum Look 40. Instagram. …
  • Lyn Slater – Accidental Icon. Instagram. …
  • Akanksha Redhu. Instagram. …
  • Tami Reed – Talking With Tami. Instagram. …
  • She Wears Fashion. Instagram.
  • other source (
  • other source (

 Prior to your journey to start your fashion blog this year you can read them at your convenience and learn more from them because they have been there for many years


When it comes to blogging with inspiration,   you are recommending, or you are writing about products that you can talk about again and again without feeling uncomfortable.

It helps you write engaging posts that will inspire your readers to come to your website again and again and recommend your blog to their friends.’

Name of your fashion blog

this is an important step when starting a fashion blog especially with the number of blogs on the internet you need to come up with a unique name, easy to remember, and a name that correlates with your products.

 You can get inspiration from the blog post that I have highlighted above and notice how they have given their websites NAMES that relate to what they write about.  Don’t get lost amid many blogs all over the internet without unique names.

Ensure your blog name is memorable, and it showcases your niche or products.


Money making platforms are an essential requirement before starting your blog. When you have a money-making plan before you start a blog, it becomes easier to know the type of blog topics that feel right for the audience.

I recommend Amazon affiliates because there are tons of products that you can promote and make money. There are other affiliate marketing platforms like Clickbank and Shareasale.

You can read THIS GUIDE on how to create an Amazon associate account. How Amazon works is pretty simple- you recommend products to your readers and earn a commission when they purchase one of the products that you support.

Now that we have all figured out (what we want to write about and how we will make money with our baby blog) let us not talk about where we should host our blog.

Hosting with blogger and

The two are free blogging platforms that you can start with if you are not severe.

 Maybe you want to test and find out how things work. If you’re not ready to take the risk of investing your money and buy a premium hosting and a custom domain name, both blogger and word are the best way to go.

The only limit is that you do not own your blog and it can be deleted anytime if the host feels like!

No one likes that!

 Remember they are hosting your blog and giving you a domain name for free which you do not entirely own. To get a better taste of how the two platforms work to look at these two blogs.

Hosting with a premium web hosting company

Everyone needs to have the absolute right to own his blog, and that’s the fulfillment that comes with hosting your blog by yourself.

 Buy your DOMAIN NAME choose your hosting AND install your themes, plugins. Do everything that you want without someone limiting your ownership and rights to customize as you like.

When it comes to PREMIUM hosting, I would recommend going with a trusted brand, one that many bloggers are using.

You can check who has hosted a particular blog by typing the keywords WHO IS ON GOOGLE click on the FIRST LINK.

 Copy the link of the website that you want to look up and paste that link and wait for the results.

My FAVOURITE hosting company is as well as

 They do a great job ensuring that websites are secure and are loading fast -millions of bloggers have trust in these two brands.

You can go with any of them.

I will also show you how you can open up accounts with each brand according to your taste.

Visit the hosting company and preview the services that they offer and compare them.   Select one that you find more favorable and then sign up with it.

Click on THIS LINK TO VISIT HOSTINGER and on THIS LINK TO VISIT BLUEHOST (after we are through with the post).

These videos show you how to get started with the premium hosting with hostinger and Bluehost for your fashion blog.

I will walk you through the steps that follow after you have bought the hosting plan and domain name.

Once you have WordPress installed (many bloggers use WordPress for its efficiency and ease of use).

Once we have WordPress installed, this is the best time now to install our theme and plugins.

 Before launching your fashion blog to the world, I recommend the APPLIQUE THEME for fashion bloggers.

 I already have the theme, which is precisely the theme I’m using on my blog.

 I will give it to you for free CLICK ON THIS LINK to download the theme from my mega cloud storage.  

This video will explain to you how to install this awesome fashion blog theme. You can also read its documentation which comes with the theme. Open the PDF and read through the documentation (how to install it step-by-step) and you’ll have the theme up and running in a few minutes.

If you have difficulties customizing the theme, hire a developer.

 CLICK ON THIS LINK and find someone on Fiverr who will be ready to work on your new blog and ensure that the theme is up and running. The freelancer can recommend plugins are that need installation.

The step-by-step documentation is easy, and the only thing you need is to follow the simple steps and customize the theme. Remember some plugins come pre-packaged with the theme; hence, you have to install those plugins before installing the other plugins.

 Here is a LIST OF ALL THE PLUGINS that I recommend you to install before you post your first blog post.

After you have installed the plugins the theme and customized, it is time to publish your thoughts.

Remember, we have five posts waiting to be published before we can launch the blog. Copy there text from your word processing document to your WordPress dashboard (clink Add new post).  

For colorful fashion images, I recommend USING CANVA.COM.

 Canva is a free website where you can sign up with your email account.

Social media presence for a fashion blog

Blogging about fashion, beauty, and other products in that niche require a massive audience, and you can achieve this through being active on social media.

 My top three social media sites that you should sign up for include Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram.

There are unique reasons why I am recommending the three social media sites for your new fashion blog.

 For example,

Pinterest is rich with blog audience that is ready to spend compared to other social media sites.  Pinterest is a search engine like Google thus my number one priority for any blogger


YouTube is also a great social site that will ensure that your blog readers connect with you physically, especially when you record yourself on camera and interact with them. YouTube is also great when it comes to ranking your blog post on search engines (SEO).  


Instagram is a great social media site that you should capitalize on, especially with brand exposure.

 This is a great site to share images and short videos with your audience and drive traffic to your blog without investing a penny.

Tracking readers engagement with Google analytics

How users interact with your website is essential for your success as a blogger.

 Google Analytics makes it easier to track how users engage with your website both on mobile devices and desktop devices.

 You also learn more about the traffic source and other essential aspects that help in decision-making and future planning for your website content.

Google Analytics is free of charge. All you need is a Google account and use this link to SIGN UP FOR GOOGLE ANALYTICS.

 Here is a video showing each step on how to integrate with Google Analytics with your WordPress site in a few minutes.

I appreciate every minute you spent on my website, and I am sure you have earned enough knowledge to get you started with a fashion blog this year.

Please let me know in the comments section,  about the next step you will take after reading this blog post.

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