The ultimate guide to start a blog with WordPress. 

Blogging is not only fun but also a unique way of sharing what you know with the world. Many people have taken blogging as their career. I have witnessed dozens of people quit their day-to-day job and start a blog.

Whether you are to a seven-year-old kid or a 73-year-old grandpa, WordPress has made it easier to create blogs using cms (content management system). You need to have an idea with you, or you need to have a reason to create a blog.

According Shane Wilson (Publisher at Ezine Articles), a blog is a website that is constantly updated and focused around a particular topic or industry. You can read more about her article by clicking this link.

Keep in mind that this post contains affiliate links and in the event of a sale, I will be rewarded a small commission. I only recommend services & software that I truly believe in and I even paid full price for those mentioned in this post.

Samuel Githinji

Why Start a Blog?

  Here are some of the reasons why you must start a blog today.

  • an online shop
  •  Solve problems 
  • Start a personal journey where you record your daily events And share them with friends
  •  Start affiliate marketing business 
  • Share life experiences
  •  starter question and answer website 

  • take advantage of your passion in writing 
  • you can also write your ebook as a single blog post and then compile them later to create an ebook  and sell on websites like Amazon and make money out of your passion

Steps for creating your first blog

Many claim that a good hosting is the first thing to consider, but I disagree; Because you need to have the determination to maintain your blog but; you need to finish what you are about to start.

Happy moments, sad moments where you are happy after achieving a certain objective, and more importantly, it is a job.

Remember you are creating a community and it is your role as the leader to ensure that your community behaves. 


Step 1: Idea

“Everything Begins With An Idea.” – Earl Nightengale

Everything comes from an idea that is shared among people showing similar interests and opt-in to offer support where applicable.

If you do not have an idea, then you don’t have anything to build your empire upon. Because even if you had the best hosting in the world, the best WordPress theme ever used, you will fail. To effectively start a blog, you need all tools with you.

It is like having a nice empty house. You will die of hunger inside that good house of yours regardless of how much it cost you to build; that explains why many businesses that have become more popular take more time to verify if the idea is viable and if people are willing to spend on it.

Your idea should add value to people’s lives.


I remember the story that we were given in junior school, and it went this way- the life of a butterfly held in a fist is determined by how hard or soft you decide to close your fingers. Your blog depends on the effort you put because if you are lazy, then you’ll end up failing after investing a lot of money to buy hosting buying domains and pay a web developer to create a website.

Stick with me to the end and I will give you a free premium theme  #Applique Theme . This is the theme I am using currently on my blog. I will share the link with you on the theme installing section.

You can jump to the section using this link.

Step 2: good web hosting and domain name

Here are some of the qualities of a good website but must come from a good hosting provider.

  • a website that loads faster
  •  a website that has 100% uptime 
  • a website that can hold massive amounts of data 
  • a website that can hold utmost 1 million visitors+
  • a website that can run on heavy themes and plugins.

The web hosting provider must be able to provide the services.

I use hosting, but other web hosting service providers such as GoDaddy Bluehost siteground and ifastnet have proven to be a reliable web hosting providers for the past ten years.

top 10 reasons why you should not buy cheap hosting services

Here are my top 10 reasons why you should go with the above-named web hosting companies you can also learn more about them by visiting the toolbox

  • Fast loading speed 
  • 99% uptime 
  • premium support 
  • massive space or hard disk space 
  • one click WordPress installation
  •  SSL certificate at a lower price
  • website backup and premium security features
  •  free marketing tools 
  • massive amount of bandwidth 
  • enough random access memory for running your website

This short video shows you how to get started with Hostinger.

If possible I will also show you how you can get started with Bluehost. The process is the same for other web hosting providers. Whichever company you choose to go with, you will follow the same steps.

Good domain name

Before we jump into details about how to start a blog- a good name possess the following characteristics

Good domain name
  •  first, it must be easy to remember 
  • second not sound Spam
  • it should reflect your brand

for instance, if you want to start a blog about fashion, you cannot choose a domain name that is close to”how to lose weight”. e.g (


Other Great Posts:

    You can find good names by evaluating your hobbies, your interest in your life experiences, or your name if you are creating a personal blog.

    a personal blog is a site or a website that is all about you and your daily experiences (more like a journal).

    the complete guide

     Domain extension

    Domain extension helps people remember your website in this case a .com .net or .org domain extensions are the best

    Now that you have a name, it’s time to find an extension. Domain extension helps people remember your website in this case a .com .net or .org domain extensions are the best. But if you want to customize your extension so that it matches your country of origin, then, select your domain extension representing your country. for example I have my domain extension representing Kenya, my country of origin. 

    This has nothing to do with the performance of your website. What we get from visiting your website is what matters. Remember content is king.

    If your content is trash don’t expect people to come for a second time.

    trash content
    trash content

    I hope you will follow through. In this short video, I show you how to select a domain name and an extension at the same time. 


    You are an excellent learner if you have managed to follow through up to this section. 

    After we have purchased our hosting, then all the fun begins. I do not expect to miss anyone on this awesome journey of creating our first blog.

    Step 3: buying web hosting

    Purchasing web hosting is as simple as ABC

    Purchasing web hosting is as simple as ABC. I don’t buy the idea that many people make things sophisticated-making each step more complex than its previous one.

     This short video shows you how to purchase hosting.


    Remember, don’t go for cheap hosting.


     we do not want to drive traffic to our website, and then our visitors are hit by an error saying our website is down.

     You don’t have to break the bank so that you can host a website. If you don’t have the money, accept it, save enough money. When you have got enough, come back to this post and go through the step-by-step tutorial and do everything perfectly for the first time because I don’t want you to fail the way I did.

     Remember I had nine blogs before starting this and they failed. One of the reasons- I went for cheap hosting, and my website could not accommodate the number of visitors. .

    ERROR 508

    Resource usage limit error would pop up every time someone clicked a link to visit my site

    ERROR 508

     It is humiliating, annoying and the worst of it all, it is making losses because no one can click on your links, nobody will see your banner, nobody will see what you are selling, nobody will buy your ebook, nobody will buy your courses, nobody will buy anything because they cannot access your website.

    Use the search bar below to find your favorite domain name and start your hosting with Bluehost today.

    You can also  click here for the special $2.75 per month rate on BlueHost and then click “get started now”.

    Step 4: finalizing everything and ready to install WordPress

     check if we have the name of our website, our web hosting, and verifying the information with the web hosting provider

    Now it’s time to check if we have the name of our website, our web hosting, and verifying the information with the web hosting provider.

    Most of the time, it is recommended that you buy a domain name from the same hosting provider if they do provide that service.

    But if you find other alternatives where the domain name is being sold at a lower price then go for it.

    You can point your domain name or the name servers, which is a 5 minutes process.

     This step is for ensuring that we have everything we need so that we can start installing WordPress,  install our theme, install our plugins, customize everything, and start working on the website.

    Video credit :
    Let’s Build WordPress — WP Tutorials

    Step 5:Finding the perfect theme and plugins for our website


    Before we get started creating a blog, it is important to have everything we need so that no time is wasted looking for items here and there. WordPress comes with a default theme that is not eye-catching.

    We are going to use free themes because until now; I believe you have spent a lot of money buying hosting and domain.

    Here are some of the themes that you can look for

     and I recommend using plugins such us elementor (the free version) to create a website tailored to your feel and likeness because even if you keep switching between different themes, they do not come with everything that you want.


    Plugins help your website to have different functionalities. They are like engines. On the other hand, themes are only there to make your website colorful and appealing to people. The first bunch of plugins that I recommend is those that give our website security from attackers or hackers.

    I use Wordfence security plugin by Wordfence, but there are other alternatives, click here to see all of them.

    The complete guide

    Next, we need a plugin that will enable visitors to contact us. Contact form 7 is the winner here, but you can use other alternatives such as wp forms, ninja forms, among others listed here.

    Next, we need to install elementor plug-in to enable us to customize our theme to suit our liking.

    This video shows you how to use elementor plugin to customize your website.

    You do not need to know any coding or e a web developer to customize a website using elementor.

    It is a drag-and-drop process mixing images with text creating buttons and pretty much everything you need to create a website.

    What if you want to create slides I mean carousel slides?

    Then, we will install a plugin called smart slider, which is a product of, and it is absolutely free.

    This video shows you how to create ourselves slides using smart slider.

    You can also have a look at my slides on my website. I created them using this plugin

    If you find these two plugins awesome, you can upgrade later and unlock their premium features later when you start earning with your blog. 

    Must have plugins for all bloggers using WordPress

    • Contact form 7
    • Elementor plugin
    • WordPress security plugin
    • Click to tweet plugin
    • Social sharing plugin
    • Simple Table of content
    • Simple author-box (Not required when using Applique theme)
    • 404page – your smart custom 404 error page
    • Better Robots.txt – Index, rank & SEO booster + Woocommerce
    • Broken Link Checker
    • Disable XML-RPC
    • Easy Table of Contents
    • GA Google Analytics
    • Mailchimp for WordPres
    • Nav Menu Roles
    • Really Simple SSL
    • Regenerate Thumbnails
    • Smart Slider 3
    • Webcraftic Hide login page
    • WP File Manager
    • WP RSS Aggregator

    Step 6:Installing a WordPress theme and plugins.

    the premium feature offers free one-click WordPress installation

    Depending on the hosting service provider or company you selected, the premium feature offers free one-click WordPress installation. Therefore, we’re going to use that one-click installation feature to install WordPress.

    This will create an environment that will enable us to install a theme, a plug-in and write engaging blog posts alongside selling our premium features as such as courses, ebooks, advertisements and not forgetting creating a community.

    These short videos show you how to use the one-click installation feature to install WordPress. 



    Once we have WordPress installed, login to the admin dashboard as shown below and we can get started installing themes and plugins, and within no time we will have our website up and running.


    Once you are in the admin dashboard, familiarize yourself with the different features. If you do not understand anything, check out this video here. It explains everything about the admin dashboard.

    Installing our WordPress theme.

     two ways of installing the theme

    Now that you have your favorite theme, I will show you two ways of installing the theme. First, you can install a theme directly from, as shown below.

     or upload your own theme from other sources.

     This is how you upload a theme from other sources.

     When uploading a theme that you downloaded from other sources, you should ensure that it is virus free.

     once you have them installed it, now it’s time to install the plugins.

    Step 8:Installing WordPress plugins

     Installing a WordPress plugin is similar to installing WordPress themes. You can install directly from by searching from the admin dashboard-by clicking the install plugin option as shown below.

    You can download the plug-in from another source and upload it to your website following similar steps as below.

    How to activate a theme and a plugin

    After installation, the plugins and theme do not take control of your website immediately. You must activate them. To activate, click the activate option and this will automatically activate your theme or plugin respectively.

    If you have a problem with this step, you can watch this video.

    Step 9: Customizing our website

    Under the appearance option, we have the customizing option

    Now that we have all the equipment we need, it is time to play around and make our dream website a reality. Under the appearance option, we have the customizing option. This function enables us to tweak the appearance of a website, learn more about how you can customize your website by watching this video.

    Remember you can create sections of your pages using elementor plugin. They also come up with free templates that you can use to customize to fit the requirements of your own website.

    Step 10: Creating different pages

    1 .The homepage

    This is the first page that visitors see when they visit your website. 

     It should have information about your services. It should allow visitors to understand the subject of the main purpose of your website.

    2. The contact page

    The contact page is a very important page since it allows website visitors to reach out to you with their questions. It is a useful page that allows you to connect with your readers.

    It should have a form that visitors can fill in their problems or request. You will receive a notification each time a new request is submitted through the form. This page can also have your contact information, such as phone number and email.

    3. The about page

    About page is essential in that it allows visitors to understand the person behind the content they are engaging with. It is a unique page, but you can use to describe your professional background, your skills relative to the type of content that you provide.

    More importantly instill trust, openness, and remove the anonymity that might stir questions why people should trust the content you provide. 

    4. The privacy policy page

    This is a must-have page that explains the rules and regulations that binds you and users. It is supposed to explain how you are website engages with its audience. This page is composed of rules that regulate how user data is used by the host, who in this case is you.

    5. The blog page

    The blog page is an important page because this is where you communicate every day with your website visitors through blog post presentation videos and other media. WordPress creates this page automatically.

    Once you have these pages created, you can customize each using elementor plugin and add slides using smart slider plugin that I mentioned earlier. 


    Final Step: Creating your first blog post

    Under the post, option select add a new post

    A blog post is a form of written information that a writer ( blogger ) prepares to share with the world. It is typed using software such as Microsoft word or google documents. There are other alternatives such as a libre office open office among others. Once you have your document ready for publishing, visit your WordPress dashboard. 

    Under the posts option select add a new post, and this opens a new interface that helps you to share your written content. Copy and paste everything from your software to the interface, and once you are ready to publish the content, click the . button. Your content will be ready for readers.

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