Fear of somebody stealing our hard-earned items has led to unimaginable security protocols globally. From massive door locks, high-end security personnel and those heavily armed to the teeth soldiers guarding our borders. You know all this, why do I have to repeat everything that everyone knows? What if I told you that VERY FEW PEOPLE … Continue Reading

The ultimate guide to…

The ultimate guide to starting a blog with WordPress.  Blogging is not only fun but also a unique way of sharing what you know with the world. Many people have taken blogging as their career. I have witnessed dozens of people quit their day-to-day job and start a blog. Whether you are to a seven-year-old kid or a 73-year-old grandpa, WordPress has made it easier to create blogs using cms (content management system). You need to have an idea with you, or you need to have a reason to create a blog. an online shop  Solve problems  Start a personal journey where you record your daily events And share them with friends  Start affiliate marketing business  Share life experiences  starter question and answer website  take advantage of your passion in writing  you can also write your ebook as a single blog post and then compile them later to create an … Continue Reading

We all want to have a steady income flow, right. Today we are exploring the incredible opportunity (making money through your blog). Who isn’t ready to watch cash flow after writing a great masterpiece? You will learn how to monetize your blog using, ads, affiliate programs, offering services, promoting products and much more, welcome abroad. … Continue Reading

Polite Notice: Links contained in the article are not affiliated links, they are only there to help you get started.  Starting a blog has never been easier than today.  In the past blogs were for the glorified journals, the point of becoming a blogger was unearthed. with the evolution of the technology age, the blogosphere … Continue Reading