Genius guides is the ultimate place where you get the right dose for what is bothering your beautiful life. Today, we share more unusual ways to fight discouragements. I am sure you will be delighted by the fascinating discoveries.

Would you be happy if someone gave you the tips for living a happy life?

 A life that is free from grief, free from depressions. Rick Warren talks about it in his youtube video. What I share today are the ultimate ways to fight discouragements that ever existed.

The post will ensure that you have a new look at how you handle discouragement. The short text is designed to help realize the source of discrepancy and how to handle it with 100% surety to succeed. 

Some of the tips I am sharing today are like FATIGUE, FRUSTRATIONS, FAILURE, and FEAR ARE THE TOP CAUSES OF DISCOURAGEMENTS. NOW THAT WE KNOW WHERE DETERRENT COMES FROM. What shall we do to save ourselves?

Discouragement is an illness unique according to human beings, or it’s general — ultimately, every person gets it, including those within the ministry. I hold no suspicion you’ve got experienced discouragement at times, perhaps many times. You would possibly too stay discouraged at this altogether moment.


#1 Cause – FATIGUE

When you’re physically and emotionally exhausted, you’re a high candidacy to stand soiled, including discouragement. Your obstacles are reduced, or matters can seem bleaker than they definitely are. This hourly happens when you’re halfway via an important challenge, and you arrive tired.


When sketchy tasks bank up, it is natural in accordance we feel overwhelmed. Now potty things or the unanticipated detruncate you and stop you besides conducting as thou genuinely need to do, your frustration can easily produce discouragement.

#3 Cause – FAILURE

Sometimes, your auspicious laid plans arrive apart — the mission collapses — no one shows up in conformity with the event. How do ye react? Do thou deliver within in imitation of self-pity? Do you blame others? As one person said, “When I suppose I can be able to make ends meet — someone moves the ends! That’s discouraging!

#4 Cause – FEAR

Fear is indeed the core of more discouragement than we would like in imitation of admitting. The worry concerning decrial (What desire they think?); the fear of responsibility (What circumstance if I cannot handle this?); yet the fear over dud (What bargain I blow it?) perform motive a most important onset about the blues.


There’s a fascinating statement into the Bible about what a man named Nehemiah mobilized the residents over Jerusalem following constructing a wall around the entire city. Half course via the project, the citizens, became discouraged then desired according to relinquish above — because of the FOUR reasons I’ve given.

Here’s such as Nehemiah taught touching depreciating discouragement (Nehemiah 4):


If you want a vacation from your job — take one! You’ll stay more beautiful when you come back to resume work. If you’re painfully burning the candle at both ends, you’re not as smart to be exact, you think!


Discouragement does not necessarily mean you are doing the incorrect thing. It may additionally just stand that you are doing the right piece between the wrong way. Try a new line of attack. Shake stuff on a little.


Just crave Him. He can entrust you with instant energy. There is a splendid motivating power in faith. Believing is the first step towards achieving.


Fight back! Discouragement is a choice. If thou feel discouraged, it is due to the fact you’ve chosen after sense to feel and remain that way. No man is forcing you into conformity with feeling bad. Hang on! Do what is right in spite of thy feelings. No sense lasts forever.

  • If you claim you do not face discouragement, then you aren’t human. Yes, I repeat you are not human. Being discouraged is easier, but overcoming it, you need to work. We are under constant pressure, and we are always trying to be positive. Remember, leaders must face discouragement.
  • The noble thing I can ask you to do right now! Ask someone you treat with respect if they ever get discouraged. Come back, and I will give you a second tip. Yes, I mean it. 
  • Did you know that trying to change someone is a shoddy job? Accept people the way they are. You will realize that it’s frustrating and futile trying to change someone.
  • Learn to acknowledge discouragements BY YOURSELF. Please, I want you to know that people who have no feeling of discouragement; they aren’t in touch with the world nor themselves. Where DO YOU BELONG?
  • Always try to do something new. This will drive away from the feeling that you are a failure at one thing. Surprisingly, you might discover your potential on the other side. Give it a try.
  • Let go of angry thoughts. If you want to leave a happy life, learn to be happy always. The Bible supports this John 13:17. Let it be known that continued anger will only lead to discouragement and heart-brake.

  • If you cannot control it, let it go. From today, stop trying to take control of things beyond your ability. Stop trying to control what you cannot. Be yourself.
  • Now that you will only concentrate on what you can do best, do it. Yes, focus on things that you can do best. You will be the happiest in the world. You will feel great when you do something perfectly. 
  • Now, this is a golden point. DO NOT STAY ALONE! I mean, loneliness will trigger discouragement. Find a friend to share your thoughts and help each other. You can only make a friend by being one. 
  •  Do not take discouragement like a mountain on your shoulders.

  • Reinterpret the setbacks and use them as a learning experience. 
  • Make those discouraging words be your stepping stone towards your success. You fail when you quit. 
  • Lastly, enjoy having friends who bring in fresh ideas. Make sure you have fun. And respond to discouragements positively. 

 Do you have more ideas on how we can handle discouragements? Share with us, and we will be happy. 

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