We all want to have a “FACE” online. If you are itching to start a blog, wordpress has proven the easiest, affordable, and user friendly application to use.

Great! Simpler option are there an I do use them like blogger.com. they are free, but remember, you don’t have control of your own site.
What great with wordpress? You get the best. An easy to understand platform and unlimited possibilities to help you grow you blog. You can add as many as possible bells and whistles while learning and making some bucks out of your work

WordPress.org vs wordpress.com
To be clear, there are two platform, but are run by one company. Worrdpress.com will host the website for you like tumblr, blogger, and alike. We call them web 2.0 websites. Although there is not problem creating your website this way, there is a price for it.

Using wordpress.com or any web 2.0 site limits your ownership. That is to say, you are renting space. Sadly, the host can delete your awesome website anytime they feel like doing it.

I once violated the terms of service, and it actually happened. Its hard to admit, but it hurts. Its easy to do this, even without the intentions.
Disclaimer: wordpress.com does not allow users to create business or commercial sites. If you are into business, this is not the way to go.

Let’s major with wordpress.org where you have all the freedom.
Another reason, wordpress.com will make it harder than you can imagine to generate traffic and SEO. WordPress.org you have the full control over EVERYTHING
WHY: most traffic generated and the link juice is shared between the host and you.

That explains why we will focus on wordpres.org here. It starts from buying a domain, getting hosting service, and start a blog in minutes
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