We are all aware of the traditional form of learning, where students meet physically with their teachers and other learners. This form of learning has its disadvantages that have inspired the need for a revolution in the learning industry. For instance, for education to be successful, both the learner and the teacher must be available if one is not there, there is no education.

What would happen with an education where learners can access the information that traditional form of learning provided whether the picture is there or not? The teacher does not have to wait until a minimum amount of students are available for learning to take place.

Teachers record their lessons and provide them through the new model of technology, and learners can access this information anywhere, anytime and using any device. This defines the future of education and more importantly, the future of online course.

You can think of it as a system where both parties do not have to be present for learning to take place. This is the best part; lessons can be sent to thousands of students across the globe.

Here is the catch:

If a student misses a class in the traditional system, he or she misses the fun, the experience of a present teacher, and the real-life examples of the teacher might have used to deliver the content. Imagine having the ability to teach thousands of students using a 30 minutes recording that can be used for years.


That is the future of our education system, which opens the way for online courses.

Here are some of the challenges that face the traditional education model, 

There are instances of inaccessibility rising cost of education based on the economic changes of a specific country. The conventional system is faced with escalating student debt and high dropout rates.

People can learn with the application of new technology effectively efficiently and at less cost. This will ensure that many students complete their learning, and they are offered a personalized learning experience suitable for all.

The better part with online courses all the new education model is that it is cost effective, accessible anywhere, anytime and using any device and students have lifetime access to the resources. 

The learning materials can be used over and over, and students can repeat the recordings in their own home and using their mobile phones to better understand the concept.

The lessons are tailored to solve a specific problem rather than generalizing ideas. The lessons are shorter, detailed, and easily digestible compared to the traditional form of learning. 

Since education is one of the most crucial tools for a nation to raise its people’s standard of living, it is our responsibility to ensure that everyone has access to quality education in spite of their geographical location gender race cultural or economic condition or their social background. According to mezon almellehan with a sixteen-year-old refugee from Syria, ” education is the only way to regain our spirit and control over our lives. “

If we are ready to change the world, we must change our form of learning. Accessibility, affordability, efficiency, and personalized learning and experience are the building blocks for an effective education model.

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