1 Do not work for free on Fiverr

Fiverr is recognized as a place for professionals. Although no resumes or CVs are requested, respect people you find on Fiverr. There are trading their time sitting their butts for hours to make your business successful. Why should you even have the guts to ask for a sample, while you know the seller works on confidential projects? Read along and discover common Fiverr scams to avoid.

Buyers need to style up. Voiceover artists, to web developers: How can I send you a sample of my voice on the script you’ve sent? Is it not using my time and energy for personal gain asking for a sample website using your instructions? Why?

This is a deception and buyers need to wake up. Fiverr scams have gone a whole new level, buyers claiming the work did not meet requirements only to reclaim their money back! This is unethical.  Don’t work for no man for no pay, keep your expertise and they can keep their damn money. It is simple.

2 Don’t get enticed by the $5 only button on Fiverr

This one is a comeback to buyers. Why should you say, “I will make you a superhero blah blah for $5” and then charge the same service for $50? This is unethical! Buyers beware of this; if the gig pays $50 for a goose song (kidding) let it be. When you chat in the inbox with a seller, everything changes, and the price skyrocket in minutes. Fiverr Sellers, Why do this?

I understand that the service might need extra attention depending on the buyer needs. But don’t make it a habit. You’ll get sick, ruin other sellers reputation and even might end up being banned on the site. Let us be real. If I can provide a logo for $20, then pay $20. If someone claims more than that, let it show in the gig description (pricing). It’s simple, stop defrauding buyers. 

3 Do not send samples of previous work to Fiverr scams

Why should you send someone a project we worked on yesterday as a sample? That is a breach of contract. While this is unethical, I believe sellers must delete completed work immediately the project is marked as “completed.” You don’t own the copyright to share my content once I pay you. If I want adjustments, I can send the documents back to you highlighting areas need correction.

Do not use other buyers to work as samples! Send samples you’ve published on your website as I do here. Do send them for free or charge if applicable. If a buyer can pay for a sample, then go ahead and work together. Sometimes, buyers are pushy, learn the situation, and adjust. Beware, no samples for gigs working on confidential projects. It’s simple…no scams on Fiverr if you do this.

4 Fiverr scams about SEO Boost and website traffic

Last Fiverr scam, the worst. Have you met people promising heavens? It’s like, why can’t you cast a spell on yourself and get the backlinks. Website traffic gigs are the worst scams on Fiverr. If you are looking for backlinks to “rank 1st on Google,” learn how to build reputable backlinks. When you practice holistic SEO, search engines will respect your website. Respect the audience and customers you serve. Don’t let douchebag destroy a website you built for years sending spammy backlinks. A Clean site is better. Obey the rules, and you’re not get scammed.

Your take

Do you think there is a Fiverr scam left out? Have you other online scams that you want exposing?

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Some awesome people deserve your attention. Work with them as the boss or get hired like a tomorrow boss.

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Unpaid services (Free Work).

Fiverr buyers are used to ordering services in bits. It is considered a “cool way” to make the transaction mutually beneficial.

The buyer will get the bits of work and the seller is paid for each piece accepted as final delivery.

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I have attached a screenshot of the same.