Fear of somebody stealing our hard-earned items has led to unimaginable security protocols globally. From massive door locks, high-end security personnel and those heavily armed to the teeth soldiers guarding our borders.

You know all this, why do I have to repeat everything that everyone knows?

What if I told you that VERY FEW PEOPLE know how to secure their website content from INTERNET THIEVES?! They are virtual thieves who do not harm your gorgeous body with all its curves and SIX PACKS (happy is you if you got them).

Samuel! What are you driving us to? I’m clicking the exit button right now if you don’t tell us!

Stock Photo showing exit

Samuel! What are you driving us to? I’m clicking the exit button right now if you don’t tell us!

Okay! Okay! Sweeeet adorable human – squeezing my thin bones won’t do any favor to my shaky fingers. Chill! Because I am talking about content (blog posts) thieves. Guys who play “watchdogs” to immediately copy and paste THIS BLOG POST immediately I hit PUBLISH BUTTON.

Good Lord! How do they even know I am about to publish a new post? Are they subscribed to my newsfeed? PLEASE DO IT!

In this short and unformatted hilarious post, you will learn how to identify, report, and stop people who are likely or have already stolen your site content. Of course, they might take sections or the whole piece! The worst part is- they do not have the guts to change a THING! NOT EVEN THE IMAGES YOU ARE USING!

Do you know these incredibly talented guys from Income School (Jim and Ricky).

Income School is a website that teaches anyone how to create profitable niche sites and to take control of your income. Our online course, Project 24, shows how to replace your current income with passive income from websites in a period of 24 months. This channel is about SEO, writing blog posts, creating a YouTube channel, and affiliate marketing

This is what you are going to do right now to catch and stop these bad guys. Watch this video from Income School, where they clearly outline the systematic process to catch these bad guys.

Mention me in the comments section (I KNOW YOU WILL FORGET). In case you don’t forget, DO IT for the love of Christ.

Bye, and see you in the next reading, where I discuss how to start your own website (blog).

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