Bluehost support

When support comes into question, we need quick, and to the point help. I am one of those who get sick waiting for replies. Bluehost support has helped me fix my website especially when I had hackers’ brute forcing it overnight last month (January 2019). Waiting for 6+ hours for support kills customers’ insides and trust. That is why Bluehost specializes in customer support more.

Bluehost is among the best web hosting services reviewed by professionals centre.

WordPress installation

We were all newbies at some point let’s admit. And installing your first website is hectic. Bluehost is there to help install your website in minutes. Depending on what you’re building, they offer recommendations for customizing it. What I love most is their knowledge base. It’s packed with top-notch content for newbies like me (at that time). No techie background required to send your ideas to the world.

SSl certificate

Website protection is key. What I mean is that you need to protect your site from attacks. After purchasing a domain name on Bluehost, the SSL certificate was provided free (no extra bucks). Otherwise, I would have to break a bank to afford it.

Bluehost Pricing

Do you feel the pain someone forcing you to give all you have in your wallet? It’s like they are trying to steal from you? Well, I am no different. Bluehost does not cut quality for the price.

That the beauty and why over 2 million people love it (including me). That is why you want to join the happy customers’ community. I am counting you as one of us.

Bluehost Money Back Guarantee Promise

I can remember the agony trying to convince online stores “this product is bad” and I want my money back. Yes, we are at some time victims of online swindles.  From Bluehost shared hosting plans 3.95/mo* to dedicated hosting plan $119.99/mo, you have 30 days to claim back your money. No more scams for our hard-earned money.

Bluehost Website Backup

How do you react after losing a document you’ve worked on for 3 or more hours? I can relate the pain to losing all the content you have posted on your website in seconds.

How this happens, it is mysterious. Hackers are not sleeping trying to pull down successful people like you and me. They will send malware and viruses to pull down your website every single second. By Bluehost offering backups, you’re 100% sure your content will be available tomorrow and the day after.

Bluehost Marketing and analytics tools

You have your awesome blog posts, but no one is reading them. It’s like you have just made dinner, but everyone claims to be okay, “I am full can’t eat right now! Bluehost has awesome marketing tools to ensure your website gets the right readers. While content marketing is left for the tech gurus, you are no exemption with Bluehost, convert your readers into buyers by using analytics tools provided by Bluehost. I cannot emphasize this. Check it yourself.

Why Bluehost is an exemption:

Bluehost Blue Flash Feature

Blue Flash: I can say the most satisfying thing is working on a project as a group but from different locations. That summarizes what Blue Flash is all about. Bluehost support work hand in hand with you until you are satisfied with the look and feel of your new website. From installation, theme selection, plugins installation, names it, and Pap you have it.

Speed, RAM, and Bandwidth

3.3 GHz speeds with dedicated hosting. No more comments on your page “your site loads for centuries.” Bluehost dedicated hosting has the best features a hosting company has to offer. You can upload full 1080 HD videos, quality images, use resource-hungry themes, sell millions of products- without the fear of “your site has used all the allocated disk space” annoying notification. You have 15TB bandwidth at your disposal. 16 GB ram.

Your Turn

Now it is your turn, what made you choose Bluehost as your preferred hosting plan? What are you going to do right now?

  1. Change my hosting and shift to Bluehost
  2. Signup for Bluehost web hosting
  3. Upgrade my existing Bluehost plan to dedicated
  4. Buy a domain name from Bluehost.

The choices are many; it’s up to you to decide.

 I would suggest you go “see” for yourself first and then choose your preferred plan.

Disclaimer or Alert

You do not have to start with the dedicated hosting (small websites like a blog), but it is the go-to for (commercial, agencies, and websites serving many people at the same time).

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