Benefits of solar energy

Solar energy is simply the energy generated by the sun. The power is transmitted in the form of solar radiation, which makes it possible to generate electricity out it solar. Solar energy can generate electricity in two major ways; using PV, cells, and photovoltaic (light or electric).

Solar energy produces electric power that is emission-free, thanks to sun radiation. This means that using solar energy can reduce the amount of CO2 emitted by 1 tonne (one megawatt of electricity). The most important part is that solar energy avails electricity to remote regions. The piece narrates the most crucial benefits accompanied by going solar.

Solar saves the environment

The power of solar cannot be compared to anything. Regardless of the financial benefits, one enjoys, making the environment habitable is another advantage. Statistics show that the United States places second with 17.9% annual carbon dioxide emission, right behind China. Why not go solar and lower the carbon footprint. Solar is clean and dependable.

Solar help create energy independence

Cutting on the imports for crude oil, and other petroleum products is possible by going solar. While the United States reports depending on about 40% net imports of petroleum, other nations are increasing their dependency from countries producing petroleum. While the energy source is expensive and dangerous, the national economy and security of a nation suffer. Solar provides an opportunity to reduce foreign dependency.

Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions

The target of solar power is centered on reducing greenhouse gas emissions by replacing fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are produced when fuels are burnt. While they not only lead to rising global temperatures and climate change, they contribute to serious environmental issues. Reported ecological effects involve rising sea levels and changes in the ecosystem. Demand for fossil fuels can be reduced by going solar.

Reduction of respiratory and cardio health issues

Solar energy is air pollutant free. We cannot compare the benefits of solar on our health with fuel energy. Research by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) shows continued use of solar would reduce nitrous oxides, sulfur oxides, all of which can cause health problems.

Solar energy is reported to have fewer cases of chronic bronchitis, cardiovascular problems, lost workdays, respiratory problems, and related health problems. Investing in solar energy translates to investing in a healthy lifestyle and long lifespan.

Solar energy is easy

Solar energy installation has never been as easier as it is today. Compared to the tedious and lengthy bureaucracy required to have ordinary electric power, SOLAR IS EASY. Installing solar panels to a home require minimum skills from contractors. It’s all about rigging and wiring. Typically, it’s a one-day business to install solar power and providing lifetime enjoyment. This installation demo video shows the simple steps while installing solar energy at home.

The benefits of solar energy are endless and clear. Solar not only enables us to save money on electricity bills, but you can significantly reduce carbon footprint. Nevertheless, improving the health and those around us is a benefit that makes solar energy the best 21st alternative source of energy to use. Scientists claim that if we could capture all the sun’s energy shining on the earth just for an hour, we could power the entire world for a year!