Who is Samuel?

A 23-year-old kenyan creating online content. He comes from Nyeri County, Kabaru (location). Born in May, 06 1996 at Nanyuki Hospital.

Who does Samuel do for a living ?

Great! Samuel blogs at genius guides (tutor.co.ke). He creates courses that sell at Udemy and on his own blog. He is also creating YouTube How-To Videos. Samuel is a freelancer at fiverr where he creates whiteboard animations, write resumes, recommendation letters, and cover letters.

What are some of Samuel's Hobbies?

Samuel like listening to Electronic music, reading novels, going for rides, and volunteer work

What is your message to the youth and other adults?

Avoid procrastination, do not fear to fail. The present is the best time to take action.

What is the meaning of genius guides

At first, I would like to make it clear that I had another blog called the complete guide that I later rebranded two genius guides. 

Over the years, I have been starting blogs, and I must confess that genius guides has been the most successful blog that I have ever started.

My first blog

my first blog was hosted on blogger and went with the name mynewsasap. I would share the latest news in Kenya. Whoever I later realized that I was not good at writing content that would go viral for two days and be forgotten forever. 


I had to read many guides on how to start a successful blog and also how to host your blog with a premium hosting. This gives the blogger the full capacity to customize a blog to his or her liking.

What I love blogging about on genius guides

Like many successful bloggers, everyone has a story to tell. It is these stories that inspire people to write the type of content that they write on their blogs. I had a problem deciding whether to go with the free hosting or a premium hosting. I had not figured out the niche that I would be blogging about. Before re-branding my blog two genius guides, I had opened more than ten blogs. 

My future with genius guides as the main blog

You see, there are times when you have to settle down and nurture what you have. That is what is happening right now. I am convinced that writing posts that educate people are what I want with my blog. 

I am into creating guides that will help other people; whether they are bloggers or non-bloggers, to find it easier to solve the problems that they are having at the moment.

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