We all want to have a steady income flow, right. Today we are exploring the incredible opportunity (making money through your blog). Who isn’t ready to watch cash flow after writing a great masterpiece? You will learn how to monetize your blog using, ads, affiliate programs, offering services, promoting products and much more, welcome abroad.

  1. Sell advertising space on your blog

Many blog platforms like WordPress and bloggers allow selling ad space. Generally, expect a few cents every time someone clicks on the ad Adsense is popular and allow placing ads related to the theme/ topic of your blog.

Even though it is not easy to make a lot of cash, more readers can make it a full-time income. Points to consider:

  • You need enormous readership to make this possible
  • Many readers are turned off by ads, take care
  • Others sites to sell ads, include Tribal Fusion, IDG, and Kontera

2. Sign up for an affiliate program and market products directly to readers.

It’s a more targeted way of advertising. As a blogger you must reach out to a company you like. Look to see if the companies you like have an affiliate program. Affiliate programs work this way: “whenever you recommend or talk about a product, you will get a few bucks, each time someone buys it. Remember, you have to embed affiliate links in your blog.

3. Offer services to your loyal customers.

Surprisingly, you can offer any type of services you think of right now. Whether you’re a financial guru, or writer. Offer some basic and premium/paid financial services to your readers. Also, edit, revise, give lessons, or ghostwrite for other bloggers.

There is always a way to make money,

4. Find areas where you can charge for your expertise.

let the posts be “advertisements” that prove your abilities. Try these areas as well:

Photography and artwork creation
Coaching or training in a specific niche.
Graphic design
Social media engagement
Speaking. Lecture engagements
Promote and sell other products aimed at your audience, and visitors.

Did you know?

Your blog is a front door for your business; it gets people engaged and involved with free content? Your blog builds up a market of readers who would buy your actual product (s). For instance, you can be a humor writer working on a comic book- you can be sure that your readers will know and buy the book first.

You can also sell:

  • E-books
  • Teaching videos
  • Courses
  • Original artwork
  • Accessories, crafts, etc
  • Themed clothing or T-shirts
  • Membership to exclusive content

With the tested and proven ways to monetize your blog, let’s check some other few things.
Grow your blog traffic.

Here is the catch >>> More readers = More MONEY.

The equation is simple, but the actual practice of it is harder. You need to put effort. Among the 1000+ ways to increase readership, here are some basics that work. They work and are really simple to apply.

You should:

  • Hone on one specific niche or project
  • Deliver regular content
  • Embed links to other articles of yours in each article
  • Use social media accounts to promote each post
  • Learn how to use SEO
  • Build up a mailing list for direct outreach to your readers.

#1  A mailing list is incredibly important if you intend to sell products on your blog. Make use of services like MailChimp, and Useletter to collect and safely store emails.

Did you know that WordPress is built with building a mail list in its heart? Wordpress has a built-in “follower” section that collects addresses. When your E-book is published, you can send the emails to your readers a click away.

Please note:

#2 Do not spam your readers’ inboxes; however, one mail a month is a good start. You can also consider, whenever you have something new to promote

Build a relationship with other blogs and websites.

#3 The better you can tap into other websites similar to yours, the better your chances of attracting viewers. Comment on other blogs, offer to share specialty posts, make an effort to follow your favorite writers on Twitter and Facebook.
Making your presence known will help friends recommend you back and start building up your trustworthiness.

#4 Understand that monetizing your blog takes months or years.

I know you are asking how?
Generally, when starting, you don’t have a lot of “products” to sell on your blog, you don’t have either a lot of ways to make big bucks.

Remember, building a readership, honing your writing skills, and finding your niche are most important. Immediately, you have this; you can start implementing the above strategies. Remember, these monetization strategies are not the only strategies. According to Forbes, majority of bloggers earn less than $2,000 from their blogs.

You must be ready to work and crack the barrier like a superhero.