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The complete guide

dedicated to finding the perfect solution to our life problems helping us make our life more easier manageable

dedicated to finding the perfect solution to our life problems helping us make our life more easier manageable

dedicated to finding the perfect solution to our life problems helping us make our life more easier manageable.
My name is Samuel;The Complete Guides my baby.

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Join me as I unfold the perfect guides that will help you live a life that many people have been missing to live. With the perfect tools, perfect guide, and uncensored solutions, I will ensure that you have a completely different lifestyle a different viewpoint and a different perception of life.

In my blog, that is, I do not have boundaries concerning what I can help you. So I help people find out ways that they can make an income by working online, I help you find solutions that you might find in other places by paying for them. 


Be Informed With Premium Courses -The Complete Guide…


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After figuring out the best ways that I can offer my solutions that I can also be able to reach more people I came to realise that when it comes to creating courses; they are the best

Courses help me to answer specific problems that are affecting you through composition of small digestible content that is tailored to that specific issue affecting you at the moment or even in the future.
All my courses can be accessed both free and premium through the subdomain or


Enjoy Free Courses -The Complete Guide…

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Here are things you will learn in this course:

1. Tips for a successful blog

2. Perfect blog post basics

3. Blog post writing tips

4. Why and How to write a blog post in a simple language

Learn about Content Writing
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Content Writing for Mobile Devices
Content Designing
Content Adaptation
Content Writing as a Career
Tips and pointers to improve upon content writing

How To Create Professionally Engaging Content
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Inside the course, you'll learn how to:

Avoid common mistakes that cost beginners time and money

Understand and know all about Content Creation

Learn How to Protect Your E-Books

How To Maximize Audio Quality

Understand Cover Creation

And much more!

The Technology of Fiction : write great novels and stories
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The Technology of Fiction explores how to write great novels and short stories by looking in detail at how writers use each technology they have mastered. Every writer has a different toolkit, that they use in their own unique way.

How To Make a Beautiful WordPress Website Without Coding!
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Learn How To Quickly & Easily Make a Professional Website in under 2 hours!
Your Website Will Be 100% Mobile Friendly (Responsive) and Display Perfectly on Any Screen Size

10 FREE Blogging Tools That Will Make You a Better Blogger
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The ultimate blogging tools course...
Improve your writing and blogging get your content shared more...

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Learn how to create AMAZING whiteboard animations - videoscribe (Sparkol)

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